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In-Home Pet Sitting Services

In Home Pet Sitting Services

Traveling out of town is not only a stressful endeavor for you, but it can also be quite stressful on your pets as well. It can be difficult to make arrangements to care for your pet because boarding can be expensive and stressful on the pet and a family member or friend may not always be available to handle the responsibility. At the Pets’ Home, we offer in-home pet sitting services so you can rest assured as you travel that your pets are cared for at home.

With our in-home pet sitting services, we can stay overnight in your home or make multiple visits depending on your preference and the love and attention craved by your pet. During our visits, we will make sure that your pets are properly fed and provided with anything else they may need including walks. Our pet sitting services also extend to simple household tasks to give your home that lived-in look that include bringing in the mail, paper, and packages as well as rotating the lights. This service is beneficial to your pet because it reduces their stress by allowing them to remain in their home to eat out of their own bowl and sleep in their own bed and it allows the pet owner to travel without pet related stress. Contact us about our in-home pet sitting services to relieve the stress for you and your pet the next time you travel.