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Three Questions to Consider When Choosing a New Pet

In this post, we offer three important questions that you should take into careful consideration before choosing a pet.

Dogs favorite personAs more Americans are choosing to adopt pets into their families, it is important that they carefully consider each of their choices to make sure that the situation is right for them as well as their new pet. 

According to surveys sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), pet ownership overall is the highest it has ever been with families with children most likely to own a pet. 

Pets can positively impact families in many ways, especially those with children, but each family should ask themselves the following questions before choosing a new pet.


Which type of pet is the most appropriate?  

When choosing a pet, it is important to consider which types of pets are the best fit for your family. 

Dogs and cats are the most common household pets but small animals such as reptiles, fish, and small mammals have become increasingly more popular.  These small animals make ideal pets for families that have young children or limited time to provide care. 

Families that have time to provide more thorough pet care but have smaller living spaces may want to consider cats or small animals.  Dogs are best accommodated by families that have larger living spaces, fenced-in backyards, and time to walk and play with them.


What can your budget afford?  

Prevent parasites in dogsPets are much more of a financial obligation than the initial purchase; they need consistent care, food, and supplies which will require an investment on the part of the family. 

Families should decide how much they can realistically invest in a pet and then compare that amount to the estimated costs of owning a pet which includes food, vet care, and toys and other supplies. 

According to the Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the average yearly cost of owning fish or small birds is less than $300 and it can be more than $1000 per year for cats, dogs, and rabbits.


Who will be the primary caretaker?  

One of the biggest questions facing any family looking for a pet is who will take care of it. 

This question should be sorted out before getting a pet so that it will be taken care of properly from the beginning. 

Families with older children who can assume some of the responsibility can handle pets that require more attention such as dogs or cats because everyone in the household can contribute to their care. 

Families with young children that need attention or with parents that work long or unconventional hours may be more suitable for pets such as fish and reptiles that are easier to care for.


Adding a pet to your family can be a wonderful thing for all involved but it is crucial that all families take these questions into consideration first to choose a pet that is right for them and for which they can provide adequate care

This decision should not be taken lightly and every factor should be considered and sorted out before the new pet arrives home to ensure that they are loved and cared for right away. 

Families that already own pets such as cats or dogs but have limited time to take care of them can benefit from our pet sitting services


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