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Internet Cat Video Festival Features Best Cat Videos

Internet Cat Video Festival

Do you love cat videos?

Of course you do!

Our research shows that 125% of internet users enjoy watching cat videos online. We were surprised the number was that low.

Since everyone loves cat videos then that means that everyone would be interested in the Internet Cat Video Festival. 

The Internet Cat Video Festival is described by its organizers as “the first offline celebration of online cat videos”.

The live event was held from 2013-2016 and gathered cat fans in a social environment to watch a curated collection of funny cat videos ranging from six-second videos to short films and everything in between.

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The festival began as an event held at the Walker Art Center in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2013 but grew into a touring event in cities across the United States and even internationally to Ireland, Japan and Australia. 

After the 2016 festival, the Walker Art Center announced it was discontinuing the festival in order to pursue new projects.

The Walker donated its archive of related cat-themed ephemera to the Minnesota Historical Society and hopes others will be inspired to create copy-“cat” events of their own.

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The Internet Cat Video Festival did come to Chicago in 2013, 2014 and 2015, but if you weren’t able to attend, you can enjoy 60 Things I Learned At The 2013 Internet Cat Video Film Festival on Buzzfeed and watch a few selected Internet Cat Video Festival videos at Animal Planet.