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When Can I Leave My Kitten Home Alone?

Kitten on the bed

In this post, we seek to answer the question for you, when can I leave my kitten home alone? How about overnight? For 24 hours? Four days?

When it comes to cute things, a cute little kitten is definitely going to be at the top of a lot of people’s lists. They’re just so adorable! 

Even though you love your little kitten, you have a life outside of your home and you can’t always be there with it all the time, as much as you’d like to.

That leads to the question:

When is it okay to leave my kitten home alone? 

Little kittens during their first few months require a lot more attention than older cats do. We all know how independent an older cat can be at times.

Kittens are different. They need a lot of socialization, play, and activity during those first few weeks and months.

Like all pets, no two are alike and what works for one is not going to be the same for another. There are some general guidelines you should be aware of.


When Can I Leave My Kitten Home Alone?

Kittens need the most attention from the time they are eight weeks old until they are four months old.

In general, kittens aged 2-4 months will benefit from human interaction every 4 to 6 hours.

During this time, you need to spend as much time with them as you can. Of course, you will need to be away at times but try not to be if you can help it. 

In these early weeks of development, you should have someone checking in on them every 4-6 hours if you can be there. Have a human checking in on your kitten during the day while you are at work. 

By the time your kitten is about six months old, they should be able to spend the day alone for eight hours while you are at work.


Cat, Kitten, Anxiety, separation anxietyIf I have two kittens can they be left alone?

Actually, two kittens are better than one! They need activity and interaction, so when you have two kittens they can entertain themselves better. 


Can I leave my kitten home alone overnight?

Unless your kitten is six months or older, they should not be left home alone overnight. 

As long as they are younger than six months old, they should have someone checking in on them during the night or day if it’s going to be longer than eight hours. If you can’t have a friend or family member do it, you should hire a pet sitter.


Can I leave my kitten home alone for 24 hours?

If your kitten is younger than six months old then they should not be left home alone for 24 hours or more.

They should not be left alone for more than 4-6 hours at this age.

You are going to have to come up with some sort of arrangement so that you can have someone checking in on them during the day.


Kitten on the bed

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