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Dog daycare and other Pet Care tips for the Fall season

Dog daycare and other pet care services including dog walking become busier around this time, so it is important to plan ahead in making arrangements for the fall. Not only do arrangements become busier in the fall, but we also see more school supplies! Many school items are considered low toxicity to pets, however, if ingested they could still gastrointestinal problems. Toxic markers, pencil sharpeners, glue. wire-bound notebooks, etc can also be hazards to pets.

Speaking of eating, when it comes to your pet’s own food, cooler temperatures may mean more food is required for energy to stay warm. Early in the season, your pet will start to shed their summer coat to allow room for the winter coat. Grooming your pet will help with the hair you find everywhere, as well as your pet’s health. The frequency of grooming will depend on your pet’s needs, but doing so will help with healthy skin, coat, ears and overall health. Drier air caused by heating can also impact pets, causing skin irritation, allergy flare-ups, and other discomfort.

Another cute aspect is bundling up for fall. Help make sure your pet is dry and warm. However, watch out for other negative signs as well. Pets can be effected when you turn on the furnace, particularly if their cages, crates, tanks, or aquariums may be near vents. Also watch out for signs of stiffness and other indicators of arthritis.

Dog daycare and boarding for the holidays

dog sitting

Dog sitting – peace of mind for you and your dog

Searching for dog sitters near me? For when you’d rather have a sitter in your home than your dog staying somewhere else through boarding, The Pets’ Home in Oswego has in-home dog sitting services to keep your pet safe, comfortable, and happy while you are away.

With our in-home dog sitting, we can stay overnight in your home or make multiple visits depending on your preference and the love and attention craved by your pet. During our visits, we will make sure that your pets are properly fed and provided with anything else they may need including walks. Our pet sitting services also extend to simple household tasks to give your home that lived-in look that includes bringing in the mail, paper, and packages as well as rotating the lights.

There are many benefits to in-home dog sitting. Dogs thrive on routine and are creatures of habit. Our pet sitters are bonded, insured, trained in CPR and First Aid. We are also certified by the National Association of Pet Sitters (NAPPS) and will provide familiarity of home to help reduce any anxiety your dog may experience. If your dog has special needs, high anxiety, or just could use some time with a sitter in-home, The Pets’ Home in Oswego will help.