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The Pet’s Home provides pet sitting, in-home pet sitting, dog boarding & daycare, dog walking, and dog training services in the Naperville, Oswego, Plainfield area.

Pet SittersIn Spring 2019, The Pet’s Home will be opening a new, bigger & better facility in Oswego, IL at 3601 Plainfield Road. This will allow us to serve more families and pets at one time than ever before.

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All Pets’ Home pet sitters are bonded, insured, trained in CPR and First Aid. We are certified by the National Association of Pet Sitters (NAPPS).

Find more information about some of our pet sitters below:

Meet Your Pet Sitters

LauraMaeMeet LauraMae Gay… LauraMae is the owner and founder of The Pets’ Home which was built on a solid foundation of safety, trust, and reliability. She has been caring for pets, including her own, for many years. When it comes to a member of your family, she provides the care your pet deserves. She has experience with every size and shape of the dog and has worked with rescue animals. She tailors services for each client to ensure that you get the personal attention you and your pet deserve.
LauraMae is certified by the National Association of Pet Sitters.

Pet Sitter - SuzanneMeet Suzanne… My name is Suzanne. I’m a wife and mother of three kids and 5 pets. From as early as I can remember, I have had a love of animals. When camping as a child you would find me wandering off to play with the turtles, chicks, horses or whatever I could find. After obtaining my drivers license I declared myself a mobile animal rescue unit. Any lost animals I would do my best to help it. During my many years, I have had a total of 6 dogs, 5 birds (including parrots), 2 hamsters, 5 hermit crabs and many varieties of fish. My love and dedication of all animals is sometimes called “going to the extreme”, but I wouldn’t have it ANY other way!!!

Pet Sitter - LaurenMeet Lauren… Hi, my name is Lauren and at this moment I am a mother of two dogs and a kitten. I am originally from Lemont but now live in Plainfield. I have been very passionate about all animals since as long as I can remember, from saving a kitten in Europe that was covered with insects, to saving a bat from drowning. My pets are my babies and I treat them with the utmost care and affection. I consider myself an animal activist and am always researching for the best health and nutrition for my pets. I joined this great team to share my love and compassion with other owners and their “babies”!

Pet Sitter -JulieMeet Julie… Hi, my name is Julie. I am a wife and mother of one son as well as mother to two cats! In addition to my two cats, Cleo and Max, I also work with a local animal rescue organization and routinely take in foster cats and kittens. I grew up in the country with my beloved dog, an Irish Setter named Rusty, as well as numerous cats and dogs that I found as strays and rescued; either finding loving homes for them or adopting them myself. I have loved animals, large and small, all my life. I enjoyed growing up amongst horses, goats, and chickens, and interacting with them. I have fond memories of pet sitting my friends’ birds, guinea pigs, and fish. I was a pet sitter and a rescuer long before I had the official titles! I am committed to treating your pets with the same quality of love and care as I do my own.

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