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Cat sitting services at The Pets’ Home in Oswego are here to take care of your cat in the comfort of your own home. We know how important our feline pets are to households and a recent article came out helping demonstrate just how true it is. When you hear the word geoglyph, you might think of ancient information and perhaps secrets– the sorts of things ancient societies could teach us. However, a cartoon-like cat may not be the first thing that comes to mind. 

That is just what archaeologists discovered recently in Peru. A 40 yard long image of a resting kitty spans across a hill that is thought to be older than any of the other prehistoric geoglyphs discovered in the area. It looks pretty cute and also shows just how important cats were to communities back then.


With the Pets’ Home cat sitting, your felines can relax in the comfort of their own home when you use The Pet’s Home Kitty Vacation Care.

We will visit your cat(s) as many times as you like to provide love and attention on your cat’s own terms.

During those visits, we will take care of all of your essential cat needs like feeding and scooping of the litter boxes. And of course, your cat will get plenty of TLC from The Pet’s Home.

In addition, your home will get that lived-in look by having your mail, papers, and packages brought in, and lights rotated as requested.

In cute news, the word “zoomies” has been going around to refer to the action taken by cats and dogs where they all of a sudden decide to race around. This video describes a little about that phenomenon.

Read about the geoglyph

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