Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Beach

Dog at the beach

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When summer rolls around, it brings long days, sunshine and trips to the beach.

If you love to go to the beach, and you love your furry best friend, of course, you’ll want to bring your dog to the beach with you!

That will raise a few questions: Can I bring my dog to the beach? Are lake or beach water bad for my dog? Can a puppy go to the beach? How do I protect my dog on the beach?

In this post, we review tips and a checklist for taking your dog to the beach so that you can both have fun while keeping your furry friend safe.


Tips for taking your dog to the beach

  • Make sure dogs are allowed at the beach
  • Make sure your dog knows how to swim
  • Have fresh water and shade
  • Keep them out of dangerous water
  • Don’t let them drink salt water
  • Avoid a sunburn


Make sure dogs are allowed at the beach

First things first: make sure that the beach you are going to will allow you to bring dogs on the beach. Many beaches do allow dogs, but not all do, so make sure you’re following the rules.


Make sure your dog knows how to swim

Cute dog at beachSome dogs are natural swimmers, such as golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers. Others don’t like the water or are not very good at swimming.

If it’s your dog’s first trip to the beach, don’t just assume they can swim. Take it easy at first and don’t push them or get them overly excited.

There are places that offer dog swimming lessons. Consider searching for one and seeing if they will teach your breed of dog.


Have fresh water and shade

Just like you need to make sure you’re hydrated on a hot summer day, your dog needs to do the same. Make sure you have clean fresh water ready for your dog and a good bowl that won’t get too hot.

Also, make sure they will have a shady spot to rest, and if not, bring an umbrella or beach tent for them to rest under. Dogs can get dehydrated, exhausted and sunstroke, so don’t let it happen.


Keep them out of dangerous water

If your dog likes to go in the water, make sure it’s in a spot with calm water that’s safe for them to play in. Don’t let them go near any water that may have riptides. Keep them away from choppy water caused by boats or jet skis.  These can be tough even for a good swimmer.


Don’t let them drink salt water

Many dogs really like to drink salt water, but it doesn’t mean that they should. A little bit might be okay but don’t let them drink too much. You should have brought plenty of fresh water for them, so get them drinking that instead. If not, you might be dealing with an upset stomach or dog diarrhea. 


Avoid a sunburn

Just like humans can get a sunburn at the beach, so can a dog. This can be true if they are very lightly colored or have short hair.

Often the ears and nose are the most susceptible to sunburn. To keep your dog safe, limit their exposure during the brightest of the sun (10am-4pm), consider a dog sunscreen or even a dog sun shirt.

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