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In Home Dog Sitting

Dog Sitting Services

Anytime you have to leave your dog, it can be stressful, for both you and your fur baby! Whether you are traveling for vacation, for business, or an emergency, if you dog needs to stay behind, having an in-home dog sitter is an excellent option. Many pet parents worry when they have to leave their pets behind. You may wonder if your pet will be comfortable, if they will be frightened, if they will be safe, and if they will be lonely. For these reasons, and several others, in-home pet sitting is a wonderful alternative to a kennel.

Benefits of In Home Dog Sitting

Dogs thrive on routine and are creatures of habit. With in-home dog sitting you can rest assured that your dog will remain in his routine the entire time you are away. While he will miss you, the familiarity of remaining in his home and in his routine should help reduce any anxiety he may experience. Emotional health is directly related to physical health and there is significantly less stress on a dog who remains in his own home. With in-home dog sitting you can rest easy knowing your dog will not be bored or lonely and will be getting plenty of snuggle time while you are away.

In-home dog sitting immediately reduces your dog’s exposure to other animals, thus lessening his chances he may pick up an illness like kennel cough. Unfortunately, when dogs are in a boarding or kennel environment, viruses and infections can spread. With in-home dog sitting you can be confident that your dog will be safe in the comfort of his own home.

In-home dog sitting also eliminates inconvenient and awkward boarding pick up and drop-off hours. If your plane is delayed or you get stuck in traffic, you don’t have to worry. As soon as you arrive home, your dog is right there waiting for you.

In-home dog sitting is especially useful if you have a special needs dog who requires medication or time-sensitive care.

The Pets’ Home in-home dog sitting services are the perfect solution to your busy travel schedule. We will ensure your dog is safe, comfortable, and happy while you are away. Call us today at (630) 854-8841 to schedule an in-home consultation!

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