Easy Ways to Remove Pet Stains

One of the biggest challenges of caring for a young puppy or kitten is making sure they are fully potty trained to avoid accidents in the house.  However, even with excellent training, it is still possible for pets to have an accident due to an illness, too much time passing between being let out, and aging in older pets.  Pet messes are not only unpleasant to clean, but they can also lead to stains and even cause adverse health problems if they are not properly cleaned up.

While pet stains that have been ignored are often difficult to remove, cleaning up fresh pet stains is actually pretty easy.  The materials required to effectively clean up pet stains include paper towels or newspaper, a sponge, and one of many available enzyme-based pet stain removers.  The following are four easy steps for removing pet stains from the carpet.

  • Start by soaking up as much of the mess as possible using the paper towels, newspaper, or sponge.  The stain and odor can be removed much more easily if the majority of it is soaked up while fresh.
  • Next, apply the pet stain remover to the affected area and let it soak into the stain.  The amount of time the cleaner should be left to soak will depend on the specific product being used.  Check the label of each product for instructions.
  • After letting the cleaning product soak, use a damp paper towel or sponge to scrub or blot the area and encourage the stain to work itself out.  This step may need to be repeated for desired results.
  • It is more effective to remove a stain when it is fresh but sometimes you may not discover a pet stain until much later after it has dried.  Dry pet stains can be removed using pet stain removers but blotting the area with a damp sponge or paper towel first can help remove the stain.

We understand that potty training a pet can be difficult and finding pet messes throughout your home can be frustrating, but by following these simple steps you can help prevent pet stains.  It is best to act on pet messes when they are fresh but stains from dry pet messes can also be removed from your carpet.  If you work long or unconventional hours that prevent you from letting your pet out at regular intervals, contact The Pet’s Home to learn about our pet sitting services.  Making sure that your pet is allowed to go at regular intervals is perhaps the most effective way to prevent pet stains in the first place.