How Long Can I Leave My Cat Home Alone?

Cat left home alone

In this post, we answer your question, how long can I leave my cat home alone? Is it one day, two days, three days? Less? More?

We are just like you; we love our cats.

Cats have a reputation for being aloof or solitary but they can have many different personality types. 

Some cats actually love attention and will visit and even set with every human that comes into their house. Others are suspicious of strangers but love their humans.

Because cats can be so independent, it is easy to assume you can leave them home alone, maybe even for a few days at a time.

But is it really true? How long can I leave my cat home alone?

Every cat is different of course, and no one knows their cat better than you. There are some accepted guidelines for how long it is safe or healthy to leave your cat home alone.


Leaving a cat alone while at work

Cat restingCats are known for being more low maintenance than dogs, and being able to leave your dog home while you are at work all days is part of that.

Cats don’t need to be let outside so they can go to the bathroom which means you don’t have to rush home the minute work is over to let them out.

You can safely leave your cat at home while you are at work. However, it is a good idea to leave a toy at home with them so they do have some entertainment when they are in the mood for activity. Some people also like to leave a radio on set to classical music or jazz for their cats.


Can I leave my cat alone for an entire day and night?

Veterinarians will generally agree that it is okay to leave your cat alone for 24 hours.

Make sure they have plenty of fresh water, a meal, and a clean litterbox and they should be fine.

Consider leaving them a couple of toys to play with while you’re gone and maybe even leaving a radio on for them playing soft music or news/talk radio.


Can I leave my cat home alone for a few days? For three days?

A healthy adult cat may be able to stay home alone for 24-48 hours.

Kitten on the bedHow long you can leave your cat alone will depend on your cat, their personality and their habits. Your cat’s age and health also are important factors.

Kittens need more attention than adults and should not be left home alone for more than 4-8 hours. 

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Older cats or cats that have or have had health issues should be checked on more often.

Some older cats can also be extra-sensitive to changes in routine, which can cause them stress, possibly lowering their immunity or triggering other issues.

If you are going to be away from home for more than 48 hours or are worried about your cat being lonely or having health issues, don’t hesitate to hire a cat sitting service to check in on your cat and interact with them.


Can I leave my cat home alone for three days?

We do not recommend your cat be left home alone for three days or more. 

Many people will say it is okay to leave a cat home alone for three days or more. Some adult cats may be fine with this and may be able to handle this. However, there are things that could go wrong.

A medical issue can become bad quickly. They may become lonely or stressed. A cat may climb into a place and get stuck somewhere (it wouldn’t be a first.)

We think you should have someone checking on your cat if they are alone for more than 48 hours. You will feel better knowing someone is checking on your furry friend and your cat will enjoy some interaction with another person.


Kitten on the bed

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