Is It Safe for My Cat to Eat Bugs?

Cat hunting bugs to eat

Domestic house cats are natural born hunters. It is in their genes and they share this trait with their much larger “cousins” in the big cat family.

As a cat owner, you’ve probably seen cats chase after anything that moves, from rodents to laser lights, to insects.

Most of us humans aren’t really into eating insects so it’s not surprising that we might be a little grossed out by seeing our cat eat a grasshopper or a moth.

You might even wonder:
Is it safe for my cat to eat bugs? Are insects poisonous to cats?


You shouldn’t have to worry. Most household insects are not harmful to your cat. There are some exceptions to this though.

Is it safe for cats to eat flies?

Cat restingIt’s okay for your cat to eat flies. If it lived out in the wild, it would probably be eating them anyway. House flies do not carry transmissible diseases and eating one occasionally is not going to hurt your cat.

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Is it safe for cats to eat moths?

In most cases, it’s perfectly fine for your cat to eat moths. Many cat owners say their cats love moths and enjoy hunting for them in the summer. Some have said that the only moth that can make your cat sick is the Garden Tiger Moth. Even that one won’t kill your cat.

Is it safe for cats to eat June Bugs?

Cats love to chase June bugs, and some dogs enjoy eating them as well. While the bugs themselves are not toxic, eating too many of them can lead to an upset stomach, and possibly even diarrhea or vomiting.

Is it safe for cats to eat grasshoppers?

Besides moths, grasshoppers are often a favorite bug to eat for many cats. They present a fun challenge for your cat to hunt. They are usually harmless for your cat to eat, although too many of them could lead to an upset stomach.

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Is it safe for cats to eat mosquitoes? 

Although mosquitoes can carry diseases which can be passed on to humans and animals, eating mosquitoes will not harm your cat. The bite of a mosquito is what can transfer a disease. The digestive process in the stomach will render diseases carried by mosquitoes harmless.

Is it safe for cats to eat centipedes?

House centipedes are predators who eat other bugs in the house, so they’re not harmful to have in the home. They are capable of biting humans, although they usually won’t. Their bit usually won’t make it through your cat’s fur though. They aren’t poisonous for your cat to eat. 

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Photo credit: Cat stalking a prey photo by Jennifer Barnard is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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