New Pet Information

New Pet Information

Have these items ready for the consultation visit:

  • Your new client information page and pet information forms for each pet (if applicable)
  • A signed Service Contract
  • A key. Please test the key to be sure it works.
  • Any additional care information written down.

Owner's Name*

Pet's Name

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Animal Gender


County Tag ID

ID Microchip

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Eye color


Hair color

Hair length

Describe the animals general disposition

Is your pet good around children?

Is your pet good around dogs?

Is your pet good around cats?

Specify identifying marks and/or features that would help identify your pet:

Feeding and Treats Information

Feed apart from other pets/supervise?

Dispose of uneaten food?

Remove food after certain amount of time?

Describe the procedure for feeding including amounts and times given.

Describe the water situation. For example, do you use tap, bottled, or filtered? Dish location?

Describe the procedure for giving treats if applicable.

Pet's living area

Please check all that apply:

Restrict to area/crate location:

Other off-limit areas

Medical Information

Date of last vaccinations?

List any medical conditions/allergies

Any medications required?

Describe the procedure for administering medications including amounts and times given

Please upload a photo of your pet

Additional Information