Pets and the holidays: tips to keep your pets safe

Pets are one of the biggest things to look forward to for the holidays. They live with us every day, but the holidays give us an extra chance to appreciate the extra time we get to have with them. While you may be doing extra cuddling and playing during this time, you still will not have your eye on them every second. Whether it’s extra decorations or new food around, take extra precautions to keep your pet as healthy as you would with any family member.


You can start by keeping your pet safe while taking them into consideration when making your holiday purchases. For example, have you thought of non-breakable options such as metal or plastic, for ornaments? It may not be food, but they can still be swallowed. 

Additionally, certain plants are popular for holiday decor, but can also be dangerous. Poinsettias are pretty, but can cause pets to vomit and upset digestion. Simlarly, holly can cause pets to suffer nausea, vomiting and diarrhea while mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal upset and cardiovascular problems. 

When it comes to actual food, skip feeding turkey skin to your pets. The way it is prepared can lead to stomach pain and even pancreatitis. A little snack can lead to a lot of problems. 

Cats and trees

Cats are notorious for climbing Christmas trees. Did you know hanging lemon-scented air fresheners in the tree might deter your cat?

Electrical cords

You also might have more electrical cords around during the holidays. If your pet likes to chew on cords, it would be smart to purchase cord covers and organizers to keep your pet away from serious danger.

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