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Teaching Your Puppy to Stop Biting

Who doesn’t love the excitement of bringing home a new puppy?  Puppies make great new additions to families and their playful energy is a joy to have around.  However, many young puppies have a problem with biting and as they get bigger and stronger, this could become a problem.  It is natural for puppies to bite and mouth as they play with each other but their bites are harmful on human skin.  The following tips will help you teach your puppy to stop biting.

One way to curb your puppy’s biting habit is to make sure they understand that their bites are painful.  When dogs are playing with you, it is not their intention to actually hurt you so letting out a cry in response to a hard bite can get them to stop.  Letting your hand go limp when they bite hard will also get them to back off because they will naturally sense that they have bitten too hard.  This is usually a very effective method but if your puppy continues to bite hard, you may have to change the approach.

If you cannot get your puppy to understand that his bites are painful for you, then the next approach is to ignore the puppy when he bites hard.  You should still cry out to let the puppy know he is hurting you and then ignore him entirely so that he understands that playing will end if he bites.  You can either completely ignore your puppy by walking away or put him in a designated timeout area.  Puppies enjoy playing so much that stopping play when they bite will quickly teach them to drop the habit.

New puppies bring plenty of energy and excitement to a home but their biting habit can really put a damper on playtime.  Puppies learn to bite by playing with other puppies at a young age but they must understand that biting is harmful to people and that playtime will end if they continue to bite.  As your puppy gets older and understands the consequences of biting hard, he will learn to stop biting and play nice.