The Advantages of a Pet Sitter Over Boarding

When a family goes on vacation, they often have to make special arrangements if they have pets to make sure that they receive the necessary care while the family is out of town.  Certain pets such as cats and dogs have special care needs that may be difficult to provide while on vacation.  Pet owners have several options in this case which include boarding their pet at a kennel or hiring a professional pet sitter to care for them in their home.  Here are a few reasons why hiring a pet sitter may be more beneficial than boarding your pet.

The first benefit of hiring a pet sitter is that it will allow your pets to stay in your home and receive care in a familiar environment.  Your pets will already be stressed enough by your absence and the presence of a stranger to take care of them and putting them in an unfamiliar environment as well can increase their stress level.  Kennels also run by their own routine while a pet sitter can care for your pet by the routine you have already established.  The familiar surroundings of your home will make your pet feel more comfortable in your absence and more accepting of a new person to care for them.

Another benefit of a pet sitter is the personalized care that they can give to your pet.  Kennels hold and care for many pets all at once which makes it difficult for their staff to give each individual pet the personalized care they need.  Your pet may also be cared for by several different staff members over the course of their stay.  With an in-home pet sitter, your pet will receive personalized care from the same sitter which will allow them to build a level of trust.  Pet sitters can devote their full time and attention to your pet during each visit to your home.

The final benefit to hiring a pet sitter is that it helps your pet avoid potential hazards.  The large pet population within a kennel means that your pet could be exposed to a number of conditions from other animals such as parasites like fleas and worms as well as viruses that include kennel cough, giardiasis, and distemper.  Keeping your pet at home to be cared for by a pet sitter will avoid all of these potential hazards.

As you plan your next vacation, make sure to take these benefits into mind when deciding how to care for your pet while you are away.  Boarding your pet in a kennel is a decent option that will ensure that the pet at least gets shelter and food but hiring a pet sitter to care for your pet in your home has several advantages over kennels.  Many pet sitters are pet owners themselves who understand the importance of building trust with your pet and providing personal attention in addition feeding and walking them.  Contact the Pet’s Home to learn more about our pet sitting service as well as our staff of professional pet sitters.